D. Palma, F. Blanchini, G. Giordano, and P.L. Montessoro






IEEE Access


D. Palma, F. Blanchini, G. Giordano, and P.L. Montessoro, "A dynamic biometric authentication algorithm for near-infrared palm vascular patterns," in IEEE Access, vol. 8, pp. 118978-118988, 2020.


    title     = {A Dynamic Biometric Authentication Algorithm for Near-Infrared Palm Vascular Patterns},
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In this paper we apply a novel approach to near-infrared subcutaneous palm vascular pattern authentication. The proposed method relies on a recursive algorithm based on a positive linear dynamical system whose evolution depends on the two matrices representing the vein patterns to be compared. The output of the system reaches a high value when a good matching between the two matrices is observed, otherwise it converges rapidly to zero, even in presence of noise. With respect to another algorithm we recently introduced, this approach achieves not only a better authentication performance but also a drastic reduction in terms of computation time. These improvements are demonstrated by means of extensive experiments conducted on challenging datasets.