About Me

David Palma Who I am

I am currently a PhD Fellow in Industrial and Information Engineering advised by Prof. F. Blanchini and Prof. P.L. Montessoro within the Distributed and Dynamical Systems Research Group of the University of Udine, Italy, where I am working within the flagship European Union's S3 operation for the accomplishment of my doctoral thesis which deals with the development and experimentation of a novel unified discrete-time monotone dynamical system model for noise-robust automated analysis and processing of multispectral image data in vascular-based biometric security applications using less-constrained acquisition devices.

Research interests

My research interests are fairly varied and include digital signal & image processing, digital image analysis, dynamical systems & control theory, and pattern recognition, from both a theoretical and practical perspective and with application to biometrics, computer & network security, security of control systems & cyber-physical systems, and pervasive computing.

  • A branch of my research focuses on the theory, design, and application of biometric characterisation of human beings, based on physiological and/or behavioural traits, in particular for authentication, identification, or surveillance purposes in both cooperative and non-cooperative scenarios, encryption, and medical diagnosis.
  • A second branch of my work revolves around the study of anomaly detection algorithms for real-time detection and mitigation of cyber-threats and attacks on stochastic cyber-physical systems in safety-critical scenarios.
  • The last branch of my research deals with the study of technological solutions necessary for the development of next-generation pervasive computing systems allowing ubiquitous networks of devices to intelligently cooperate towards common goals in context-aware applications.
A short outline of my academic life

I received the MSc degree (with full marks) in Electronic Engineering from the University of Udine, Italy, in 2017, where I am currently pursuing the PhD degree in Industrial and Information Engineering with the Distributed and Dynamical Systems Research Group working within the flagship European Union's S3 operation for the accomplishment of my doctoral thesis.

From 2015 to 2017, during my master studies, I was a Research Assistant in computer networking, cybersecurity, and cyber-physical systems at the University of Udine, Italy, under the hood of Prof. P.L. Montessoro.
My main research activities were primarily concerned with the study and development of:

  • intelligent control and pattern recognition algorithms for biometric recognition systems and security analysis;
  • multilayer logical architectures to support the integration and interoperation of heterogeneous hardware and software technologies in smart environments.

Since 2018, I have served as a reviewer for the main international journals and conferences in the fields of biometrics, computer networking, distributed computing, neural networks and machine learning, and security in computer & networks.

In 2019, I was a Visiting Researcher with the Control and Power Research Group working in the field of defence & security under the guidance of Prof. T. Parisini at the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department of the Imperial College London, United Kingdom.

Other experiences

From 2017 to 2018, I worked with a spin-off company of the University of Udine as a Software Engineer designing BLE-based real-time indoor positioning systems robust to multipath interference and propagation loss.

In 2018, I worked as an ICT consultant designing time-critical protocols for priority signals and performing delay analysis of narrow-band powerline communication systems based on CENELEC C-band (125-140 KHz) with CSMA/CA mechanism for performance evaluation purposes.

Since 2020, I have taught as a Professor of computer science, telecommunications, and ICT systems design at the Industrial Technical High School "A. Malignani" in Udine.

Related to my research interests, I have been a cybersecurity & digital forensics consultant for judicial authority, law enforcement authorities, and private companies.

Professional membership Additional info

Working life apart, I am a former boxer and a certified karate and martial arts instructor graduated at the European Federation of Karate and Associated Disciplines (FEKDA).

You can find a more detailed Curriculum Vitae on my LinkedIn profile. You can also visit my Google Scholar and GitHub profiles.